Can Football Athletes Benefit From Kratom?


Kratom is a tropical tree in the coffee family that is found in the South Asian countries. The leave extracts of Kratom are used as a sedative and stimulant and have effects like relieving pain, improving alertness and promoting sociability. While it has opioid effects, Kratom is dissimilar to opioids, and it helps an individual withdraw from the dependence on opium.

Some states have banned the use of Kratom. However, it is still legal in the United States and Europe. In USA, there are brands like Ouchclub doing great business on it.

With its rising popularity, many athletes are turning to this herb to boost their immunity, relieve pain, reduce depression and boost performance. Below are some benefits of Kratom to football athletes.

Alleviates Pain

One of the health benefits of Kratom to athletes and players is its ability to alleviate pain for conditions like joint pain and backache. In the field, football athletes are prone to accidents and injuries, and Kratom can be beneficial to treat mild injuries and reduce soreness.

When one takes Kratom, the receptors in the body send a message to three neurons; endorphins, dynorphins and enkephalins, which then hold back pain signals to the brain. Although Kratom is not entirely an opioid, it gives opiate-like effects and can work to reduce pain for players when they are training. The fact that it is able to alleviate soreness and reduce chronic pain makes it great for football athletes since they do not have to rely on opioid pain killers anymore.

Boosts Performance

Kratom is mostly used by bodybuilders, runners and martial artists to boost energy level which in turn boosts their performance. For this reason, most football athletes add it to their pre-workout in order to enjoy the extra motivation and energy. Besides, when used in smaller quantities, Kratom is a safer alternative to enhance performance compared to other sports enhancing agents.

Boosts Immune System

It is important for a football player to maintain his health and have a strong immune system. The Kratom leaf extracts act as natural antioxidants which can be beneficial to the immune system. Kratom supplements not only provide essential nutrients to the body but also flush out free radicals in order to boost the immunity of the player.

Causes Alertness

A small dose of Kratom can produce stimulant effects like alertness. These stimulating effects can be beneficial for the performance enhancement of the athletes. This is because they will be able to focus on their training more intensely. Similarly, this traditional herb is able to enhance cognitive abilities.

Maintains Heart Health

Every player needs to maintain a healthy heart. Kratom contains alkaloid properties which are beneficial to the heart and prevents heart attack and stroke. The natural herb also balances the blood pressure, and this causes the feeling of calmness and relaxation in the mind of athletes.

Kratom is a natural herb that comes with numerous health benefits especially in the sports sector. With the right dosage of Kratom, football athletes are able to alleviate chronic pain, boost performance, focus more and maintain a healthy heart.

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