The Battle of Clubs Vs Leagues in Europe


Football is one of the most famously played ball sports in the world. There are many reasons why it’s loved by many individuals. And some of these reasons according to สถิติ ฟุตบอล are because it’s less costly, has less complicated rules, and has a simple and easy location in contrast to other sports.

Football is well-received globally, and there may be several football enthusiasts around the world, but the people in Europe are known to be even more serious with the said sport than other countries. They even have huge clubs and leagues dedicated to soccer as a sign of its continuous growth of players and supporters.

As football continues to dominate the European continent, people start to divide between clubs and leagues. For instance, in London, a group of rich soccer clubs promote the Champions League amidst the national championships. Representatives of the domestic leagues in Europe then conducted a discussion about protecting the tradition and maintaining the equality between groups.

Apparently, the leagues fear the offstage plan of their campaign to restyle European soccer for the benefit of Europe’s biggest clubs. One of the proposed changes to the Champions League is the entry for less powerful clubs and competitions permitted to be scheduled on weekends.

An annual meeting between the members of the umbrella European Leagues group was conducted, and members talked about fighting back against the suggested changes, which they deemed to greatly affect the competitions that serve as the pillar of the global soccer industry.

The European Leagues are voicing out their concern in defending and protecting domestic football. Although the wealthiest clubs and UEFA tackled about reshaping club competitions, league officials are highly concerned about the discussions and are starting to speculate in public.

Some of their biggest concerns include reducing the size of national leagues and making changes in the schedules, allowing European games to be played on weekends, which is traditionally intended for domestic tournaments.

It’s mainly the job of the Premier League and other English football organizations to manage league and competitions as suggested. The spokesman of the Premier League stated how inapt it is for European football bodies to suggest plans that would affect the domestic English football.

An insight by the head of Spain’s top league regarding this issue was released, stating that the plan to remodel the competitions for the benefit of those wealthy clubs that have already taken up the topmost position in the industry would end up negatively in large areas in Europe. The doubtful changes would give the richest clubs the power to expand their talent and resources, eradicating the sport’s tradition where national leagues are conducted on weekends.

With this proposal set by the wealthiest clubs in Europe, the national league that’s traditionally conducted on weekends will give a negative impact. Instead of equality, these clubs handled by powerful men will dominate the industry, while the tradition that serves as the heart and soul of national football will, sadly, be moved aside.


To conclude, as much as the rich and powerful clubs in Europe want to view their plans as an advantage in the industry, this isn’t the case for some representatives as they find it as a way for the aforementioned to dominate the industry. In return, the national league will be greatly affected, thus putting domestic matches at a disadvantage.

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