CBD in Sports: Everything You Need to Know


CBD or cannabidiol is a therapeutic non-hallucinogenic compound produced by the cannabis plant. It has garnered fame and attention for being a kind of miracle cure. Coming in various forms such as CBD oil or CBD pill, CBD has penetrated not only the world of medicine and wellness but also the world of sports.

Cannabis has had a long and controversial history in sports. From being a prohibited substance and a proclaimed risk to athlete’s performance to slowly being accepted by the community as a healthy alternative to traditional recovery methods and conventional drugs, cannabis has come a long way on its journey to providing relief and comfort for people in sports everywhere.

Sports authorities have acknowledged the possibility of cannabis providing players with an unfair advantage; it has been argued that this drug alters behavior and, more importantly, performance. However, CBD hopes to change this attitude. Although cannabis has been responsible for the banning of many athletes who tested positive for it in the past, with the dawn of the development of medicine and technology, international sports federations are now considering CBD products, such as CBD Oil, as products that can be used to treat cases of opioid dependency and chronic pain.

Famous members of The National Football League (NFL) and The National Basketball Association (NBA) such as Eugene Monroe, Jim McMahon, David Stern, and Karl-Anthony Towns have all come forward to express their support of the substance, stating accounts of CBD products, such as CBD Oil, helping them with physical problems and ailments they’ve faced in the past. With this endorsement, CBD has gained traction on its way to being removed from these associations’ list of banned substances.

Research and patient testimonies have stated that CBD helps with medical conditions such as physical pains, aches, and even anxiety. It has been said to play a role in alleviating various injuries and even, possibly, helping athletes who have undergone trauma unlearn aversive behaviors. All of this inevitably leads to better performance in their sport.

However, CBD still has a long way to go before it is completely accepted by the sports community. Giant steps towards the acceptance of CBD as a substance in sports have been taken by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2018 when they removed CBD from their list of banned substances. This decision was celebrated not only by NBA and NFL players but also by athletes in various other fields such as UFC, Hockey, and even Baseball. Pain is a constant in sports and so is pain relief. CBD offers to be a substance that alleviates pain with as little and least harmful side effects as possible.

This move made by WADA has influenced the rest of the sports world to reconsider their stance on CBD as a banned substance, proposing promising ideas of regimens centered around the usage of CBD and CBD-related products and engagement in therapies that involve products made from the controversial substance such as CBD Oil.

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