Things that the Premier League Can Learn from the PDC World Darts Championship


The love for darts has been greatly expressed by a lot of players and avid fans all over the world. In fact, in the PDC World Darts Championship, you can clearly see how enthused they are in the game. That’s why watching it is as entertaining as the game itself.

In fact, even the premier league can learn a thing or two from the PDC World Darts Championship. There a lot of fun facts and interesting things you can surely see during the championship and here are some of them:

Fancy Dresses and Fancy People

This is the best time to wear the silliest and fanciest costumes and dresses that you can think of. It’s like celebrating and enjoying the moment. That’s why the people during the PDC championship are really into it by wearing their best clothes for the occasion – something the premier league fans should do as well.

Loose Player Shirts

Games don’t always have to mean wearing the tightest and sportiest clothes there is. In darts, even the players wear baggy shirts. Why? For the comfort of course. After all, darts is a chill game.

Podgy Physiques

Being podgy isn’t so bad, especially when you’re one of the PDC’s stars who rocks the stage. In the World Darts Championship, you don’t have to have a strong physique to play a game, you just have to have accuracy and great eye-hand coordination.  

Nicknames and Walk-On Music

It’s funny because, in the PDC championships, substitutes are given walk-on music, which is really nice and entertaining. Plus, the players even have the most fun nicknames around. These definitely uplift the mood of the entire championship and create an aura of light and fun atmosphere. It’s definitely one thing that the premier league should apply.

Intense Lighting

If you want to have a blast, then the PDC championship has one of the most extravagant and intense lightings that you can ask for. Aside from the cheering crowd, the multicolored strobe lights make the stadium overwhelmingly awesome and worth watching.

The Big Stars Are Present

You might not know but darts have a lot of fans, and this includes even the big stars. Just a couple of years ago, Klass Jan Huntelaar was caught watching the PDC games attentively. This goes to show that even footballers or any other popular stars would love to check out the PDC game too.

The Enthusiastic Crowd

Who says a darts competition can’t have an enthusiastic crowd? In the PDC championships, you’ll get to hear the thunderous cheers of the people. What’s even fun is that the crowd does not only do an enthusiastic cheer but most of them are wearing fun costumes and silly makeup too – definitely a next level thing during a PDC championship.

These are just some of the things that premier league players and fans should learn from the PDC World Darts Championship. Although the premier league also has its own quirks, we can never deny the PDC’s own uniqueness too.

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