Tips for Choosing a Barbell


If you want to shape up, gain strength, and become more fit, then you should start working out using olympic barbell review. If you want to purchase a barbell or maybe choose the right one in the gym, then you should know the factors to consider when choosing a barbell.

Choosing the right one will give you safe lifting which can provide you with the results you wanted to achieve. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a barbell.

Suitable bar

The part that you hold to carry the barbell is called the bar or shaft. In choosing the bar, feel the knurl if it is smooth or rough enough for you to keep hold of it.

The position of the knurl can also vary. So trying or even holding the bar is important in choosing a barbell. This will help you feel if it is comfortable enough to grip on and carry.


This is the part where the weights are attached. When choosing the sleeves, check on the rotation or sleeve spin. This is important as it will determine how stable the weights are when you carry it. Choose the sleeves that can securely hold the plates or weights for safe lifting.


The strength determines how steady the barbell is even if you have put too many weights on it. It should be durable enough to carry the weight and stay safe when being used. The strength will depend on what kind of lifting you would want to do.

If you are just wanting to do regular lifting or for working out, then powerlifting barbells will do. But if you are in sport weightlifting, then you should go for stronger Olympic barbells.

Barbell plates

Barbell plates weights and prices may vary. If you want to be a competitive weightlifter, then Olympic barbells with competitive plates and weights will be needed. The thickness of the plates determines its weight.

The thicker the plate is the heavier it is. As a starter, you can look for lighter weights or plates first. This is to prevent any injuries and accidents.

People look for barbells that are made with the best materials and highest quality. It should also be safe and effective to use. There are different types and brands of barbells available in the market these days.

The best way to pick the right one is to personally feel and try the barbell yourself. This will help you decide whether you are carrying and holding a comfortable barbell. 

Always keep in mind when carrying a barbell whether it is a regular weightlifting barbell or Olympic barbells is that you should start small. Do not force your muscles to carry heavy ones as this may result in injuries or even accidents.

Subtle transitions of weights will help you get a safe and enjoyable lifting. This way, you can keep on with your lifting journey and finally reach the goal that you want to achieve from it.

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