7 Tips Footballers Should Know About Deer Hunting with a Crossbow


Deer hunting is not for the happy-trigger individuals. Deers can be so cautious with their surroundings that it seems like it’s in their nature to be always hunted based on the way they can quickly escape. Crossbows are typically used for hunting nowadays due to the very minimal noise they generate compared to a rifle. You can check the archerypower`s list to know the type of the crossbows.

Footballers can actually benefit from this hobby. They can very much sharpen their senses and learn to control their adrenaline-fueled urges more. While those might not sound that much at all, this type of activity can actually help improve their overall skills not just in hunting but in playing football as well.

If you’re a footballer who wants to engage in such an activity, consdering that it’s common in the countryside of America, then these basic things are worth considering:

Stand Placement

Hunting a deer requires tremendous patience and planning. Place your stand on such a strategic situation where you can easily maneuver your crossbow while aiming and trying to corner the deer. Footballers have a bigger build due to their diet and workout, so they need some room for a wider view of the target as well as the freedom to adjust their movements.


There can be situations where having a dominant arm is disadvantageous. A deer can be unpredictable when it moves, so to minimize the time for aim adjustment, it will be better to practice ambidexterity in using crossbows. For footballers, this may not be that difficult due to their skill set.

Cocking of Bow

To cock a crossbow manually, the safest is to put it on the ground. In that way, you can utilize all your force through the limbs to complete the process faster. The quicker you can cock, the more opportunities you have in the shooting.

Shot Value

As much as possible, make the first shot count. It is not easy to regroup again after a missed opportunity. The deer can run fast and is even so agile; therefore, you must fire the first shot with a very high probability of success.

Draw Line

The draw line is a safety move to secure a crossbow on the stand. It helps you to practice safe reloading of an arrow to prevent unnecessary release that can cause injuries.


After carrying the crossbow, patiently wait for the prey, reposition the aim, and so forth, you are entitled with some rest. Recover the energy spent just to make the hunt successful, and you can get comfortable since the target is not a predator. Even a person as fit as a footballer can get tired and needs optimal rest to continue the hunt onwards.


Crossbows are mechanical devices with moving parts. They accumulate on dirt unto the deep creases of the parts. The oil catches on the unwanted debris on the adventure.

Thus, these need regular maintenance so that they can still be usable for the next hunt. The maintenance also can prevent jamming by carefully inspecting any damages and make sure the moving parts are greased for ease of movement.


Deer hunting is not easy for a beginner, even if that is an athletic footballer. Aside from skill and equipment, it takes patience and strategy to be good at it. There can also be many practical lessons learned while on the hunt that can be applied in real life, especially for footballers.

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