Tim Tebow Watch Page on ESPN…Really?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Getting back into the swing of football things today, doing a little spring cleaning on favorites and RSS feeds. I was at ESPN when I noticed the “Tim Tebow Tracker” on the right sidebar. Really? I didn’t follow as I was, you know, busy wasting time on the internet. [...]

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NFL Draft First Round | Fist Bumping and Head Scratching

Image by RMTip21 via Flickr So the first round of the Prime Time NFL Draft is in the books. What do you think? Myself I enjoyed kicking back with my son in his first year of being interested, but that could have happened all day Saturday too. That way I wouldn’t have had to try [...]

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Final 2010 Updated NFL Mock Draft

Image via Wikipedia Football Jabber has updated it’s 2010 NFL Mock Draft for the last time this draft season. Over the course of the process it has grown from one to three rounds. It is amazing how the Butterfly Effect kicks in with just one or two changes in an update. With the recent trades [...]

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32 Thoughts on Who Drafts Tim Tebow

Image via Wikipedia As we approach the 2010 NFL Draft, speculation of where Tim Tebow lands runs rampant. It really is a shame that the guy that is being called the greatest college football player of all time is not more of a top prospect for the National Football League. He has changed his throwing [...]

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Cause and Effect of McNabb Trade to Washington

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Late last week I had read a little something about the possibility of Donovan McNabb being traded to the Washington Redskins. I thought that was just crazy talk considering the trade would land McNabb in the same division, causing me to dismiss it right away. Then the Easter Bunny [...]

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Scanning the Updated 2010 NFL Mock Drafts

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Less than three weeks away from the 2010 NFL Draft! Updated Mock Drafts are rolling in and there appears to be a consensus that Sam Bradford will go first overall to the St. Louis Rams. After that it’s game on as some mockers are taking the number two pick [...]

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Will C.J. Spiller Outweigh Teams Big Needs in NFL Draft?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife When updating NFL Mock Drafts the big needs of each NFL team are taken into consideration. Every year there are players that seem to be total surprises because the team chose a position that did not appear as one of the major needs. Joe Fan has to remember that [...]

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