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Updated  4/21/10

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Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

The Rams have drafted one QB that took them to a winning season (Tony Banks 1996 was 6-10) since Vince Ferragamo, that guy who called the signals for the L.A. Rams in the Super Bowl. Crazy when you think about it. After passing the last couple of years on a QB in the first round, watching Matt Ryan and Marc Sanchez get off to great starts, the Rams are in a position where they don’t have much choice but to draft one with the first overall pick. Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller are now gone leaving Keith Null to start? Enter Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford.

What do we have to say about Bradford? There is that whole injury thing…right. People were concerned about his lanky frame. Since the end of the season he has checked out medically and has packed on some NFL pounds to his 6-4 frame. He is also considered crazy accurate. He is the one guy to take if you are going to take a QB and be settled with it.

What if it isn’t him? Well, they could go the route of taking one of the two guys that are considered the best in the draft, both at Defensive Tackle. Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy have an outside shot. If that were the case you could look for the Rams to come back in the second round with a Colt McCoy pick. Risky move though. Chances are they would have to spend a little more and move into the late first to grab McCoy.If they missed out on McCoy the Rams will likely be looking at who they are going to take with a Top three pick in 2011.

Another option is the trade. The latest sexy rumor is that the Browns move into the top pick to take Bradford. Not likely. As The Big Show put it, you would have to give the farm to get into that pick. The Rams then have to make it work to still get Jimmy Clausen or make that McCoy thing work

Ndamukong Suh is the only other player that has graced this position in our 2010 Mock Draft.


N.Suh, DT, Nebraska

To find the last time the Lions took a Defensive Tackle in the first round you would have to go back to Bob Bell in 1971. With the Rams taking Sam Bradford the Lions are going to have their choice of the debated top two prospects in the NFL Draft this season. Being 25th in rushing yards given up makes you think about wanting to plug up the middle of that line. They have added to the Defensive Line this offseason, but we are talking two players that are at the top of the heap here. Ndamukong Suh edges out Gerald McCoy for the pick. If for whatever reason the Rams did not take Bradford and took one of these guys, the Lions would be happy not having to make the choice.

You could not blame the Lions if they decided to go the route of filling a major need and taking the Offensive Tackle out of Oklahoma St., Russell Okung. Keeping Matthew Stafford alive has to be toward the top of the to do list for the Lions. Running Back has to be dealt with as well in the coming rounds.

Gerald McCoy is the only other player we have had land in this spot this year.


Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

The Bucs, kind of like the Lions, are playing the wait game. Sit and see which player falls to you and be happy about it. It has been fifteen years since the Bucs landed one of the most popular players in it’s history. Let the Warren Sapp comparisions begin as the Bucs will be looking at landing one of those top DTs. We have McCoy as the one falling and they have to smile and take it. Considered the better pass rusher of the two, McCoy can step right in, filling a need spot.

Is this too early to go with a Defensive End? Derrick Morgan is considered one of the top prospects in the draft, but grabbing one of those Defensive Tackles is gonig to be way too tasty. Being one of the teams with two picks in the second round we can look at the Bucs at filling a couple of the needs at DE, WR, and CB.

In early mocks we had Eric Berry landing here until McCoy became available. Since then McCoy has ridden it out without challenge.


Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.

From the end of the 2009 season leading up to the NFL Draft the Redskins have have lost their franchise left tackle, changed their Head Coach, and act as if they were putting together a solid 2008 Fantasy Football team by bring in Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to join Clinton Portis in the backfield and a new starting QB in Donovan McNabb. Taking a Left Tackle will protect McNabb and has to help the run compared to what is in place.

Before the trade for McNabb the Skins were in the hunt for Sam Bradford and were linked to Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy as well. All this would have been at the same time as knowing that the new QB would be lucky to make it out of 2010 alive with Chris Samuels gone. In fact, believe it or not, they are still saying they could take a QB with their first round pick. This is more than likely an invitation for someone that wants Jimmy Clausen to come and get him.

There really isn’t so much of a question as to if the Redskins will take a LT as there is which one. Russell Okung is the guy at the top of the Offensive Tackle list, but Trent Williams is gaining steam. We still view it as Okung’s spot.

Others that have landed here in our previous 2010 Mock Drafts are Sam Bradford (#1-5) and Anthony Davis before the crazies, and Jimmy Clausen (the day before the McNabb trade).


Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

The Chiefs drafted defensive linemen the last two seasons. With the investment that they put into bringing Matt Cassel in last season and now Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator, the Chiefs could show the offensive side of the ball some love. It can make for a tough decision if Eric Berry is available. Berry is considered by some as the top prospect in the draft. Scott Pioli has thrown it out there asking why it isn’t okay to take a Safety with the fifth pick.

We have come to the conclusion that the Chiefs will build from the inside out and address the defensive needs with one of their three picks in the next two rounds. The question we now have to answer is which Offensive Tackle will it be? You have heard the word on the whole Scott Pioli and Kirk Ferentz connection, right? It has been all over since a light bulb went off when the Chiefs talked to Bryan Bulaga at the Scouting Combine. Bulaga is a guy you will not find dirt on and that is going to be something that these new Chiefs are looking for. Yeah we have heard about the short arms thing.


Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

The Seahawks have parted ways with Jim Mora Jr. after one season at the helm. Enter USC Coach Pete Carroll. Things will be a little different for Carroll than they are for your regular NCAA Football Coach making the leap. Pete has been in the big leagues before and put together a .563 W-L% in his three years in New England. His season with the Jets was not as hot.

Carroll came in with guns a blazing and manufactured the move that may have changed the draft for the Seattle Seahawks. He maneuvered a trade that brought…Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle. Yeah, that Charlie Whitehurst. The one that Charger fans called Clipboard Jesus…or something like that. How does this change the draft? It would lead some to believe that the Seahawks will not be drafting the future QB to follow up Matt Hasselbeck. It also moves them back to the late second round with their second round pick rather than early second round. The Seahawks have to make these two first round picks work.

With Walter Jones more than likely retiring, the Seahawks have to look at the Left Tackle of the future. The first time we had Trent Williams placed at this pick a reader argued that it would never happen because of the zone blocking scheme that will be implemented. Because a player didn’t play in that scheme in college does not disqualify him from it in the NFL. If anything it will likely be work ethic questions that keep him from being drafted here.

Other interesting prospects here would be C. J Spiller and Derrick Morgan. Both are at the top of their position and are in need positions. If Spiller is taken with one of their first rounders expect instant USC/Reggie Bush comparisons.

Bryan Bulaga would be ideal with the whole zone blocking thing but as you can see above he is gone this time around. Bulaga lived in this spot for the previous eight mocks.


Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

This just in…the Cleveland Browns are making some waves. These guys have been shaking it up since The Big Show arrived in town. Two QB’s out and two in. Expect the Browns to take the real QB of the future in this draft. Could it be the rumored trade up to the #1 pick for Sam Bradford? Not likely. Could it be the landing spot of Jimmy Clausen? Eh…Holmgren says he wishes he liked him more, then said he will say about anything at draft time…which should go without saying. For the moment let’s pretend that the Browns stay here and do not take a QB. We will leave the Qb choice for round two.

If Eric Berry falls here you can bet that they will run up and get him. If he doesn’t fall here, who knows? The Browns have done an excellent job of filling need positions this off season. Better than any other team that I can think of at the moment. They may not all be superstars but can do the job and get them through this draft.

Others that have been picked here include Joe Haden before the fall (which is where we would still likely go if Berry is gone)


Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

Who know knows? Bruce Campbell is the popular choice because he fills two needs. One as a Left Tackle and another as a workout stud at the Combine. Anything can happen and I would not be surprised but we are not going to go Campbell way up here.

The Raiders lack of concern with character makes this a nice landing spot for Anthony Davis, a player who has the skills and tools but is labeled lazy. Now that we got that out of the way let’s think about some other things.

C.J. Spiller? Throw him in there with McFadden and Bush. Dez Bryant? What about a QB with Jimmy Clausen? If nothing else it will always be entertaining when you see the Raiders name on the scroll with an upcoming pick.

We have had Trent Williams land here as well. Depends on how those other LTs come off the board. On the defensive side of the ball we have had Derrick Morgan and a big Nose Tackle in Dan Williams.


Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Yet another new beginning. There is a new Coach in town with the surprise hiring of Chan Gailey. This was not a popular choice, but what are you going to do? It wasn’t like they were really going to get Bill Cower to come up here. They are also starting over on defense with a new 3-4. Even with that most of the glaring needs are on the offensive side of the ball.

Here is the thing. The Bills need a Tackle. They are at the mercy of those guys up there as to whether one falls to them or not. It isn’t looking like one is going to. Moving on they also have a need at Wide Receiver. Could this be the landing spot for Dez Bryant? That would be a tough call without a tackle or a QB to throw the ball to him.

The Bills could be the last hope before a big fall for Jimmy Clausen. It’s said that some think he won’t be taken because they once had Rob Johnson and he was from California too. Things like that crack me up as a franchise won’t sit on that. It does get a little cold in South Bend as well. Bottom line is if the Bills want a QB and don’t want to make a move to get one they need to take this shot right here.

We did have Sam Bradford here once. Man, was that a long time ago! We have also had Dan Williams here to throw into that 3-4 Nose Tackle spot. C. J. Spiller made a stop as well.


C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

Jack Del Rio and David Garrard are playing for their lives this season. There was all kinds of talk about the drafting of Tim Tebow in order to put fans in the seats. Problem with that is that fans want a winner to watch and would see through that if the team was not winning.

Even with the addition of Aaron Kampman at Defensive End the Jags are far from finished on the defensive side of the ball. They could still look at Derrick Morgan and snap him up and throw him in the rotation. Safety is an issue as well as linebacker.

We got to thinking this week about if the Jaguars decided to try and keep up in the scoring with teams like the Colts and the Texans. Spiller would add that threat to score every time he touches the ball. The Jags also seemed to miss the dual RB role since the departure of Freddy Taylor. On top of that we just don’t see Spiller fall out of the Top 10.

In previous mocks we had Derrick Morgan land here up to and after the Kampman signing. Two other defenders that we have had and still see here are Earl Thomas and Rolando McClain. Early on we even had Navarro Bowman. Wow, considering where we have him landing these days that is way off. Goes to show how “the process” changes things in a couple of months.

Dez Bryant also made a brief visit by here.


Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

(From Chicago)Yes, like many others we have had Dez Bryant camped out here for most of our mock drafts.  Anticipating the Brandon Marshall departure the impule is to put in another stud WR, right? Let’s hash this one out…

On one side we have the “character” issues. Why add Bryant when you just ran a known stud out of town for those same reasons? The issues that two two have/had are very different. We won’t go into comparison. In fact, part of me thinks that McDaniels wouldn’t mind working with Bryant as much if he was the one that brought him there. He inherited Marshall.

We are not even looking at the character here when we see McDaniels going another route. We are looking at his belief that he can bring guys into his offense that fit and make them work. Now that isn’t saying that Bryant wouldn’t, it is saying that we think McDaniels may believe that he can bring someone in the 2nd or 3rd round that can play well in his system. Look for Eddie Royal to be talked about big time in the fantasy football department this summer.

Man, a lot of talk about a guy who isn’t the pick. Let’s move on to the defense. Rolando McClain instantly makes this 3-4 defense scarier working on the inside with D.J. Williams.

Something we have always considered here, that the value has not matched up with the personnel, is offensive line. They need help all over the line. It’s late for the Tackles and early for the Guards and Centers. Watch them make a reach or hit those up in the coming rounds. A Safety would be fun too.


Sergio Kindle, OLB, Miami

The Dolphins have had a busy offseason. They were aggressive in Free Agency bringing in Karlos Dansby, traded for one of the top wideouts in the game, and sent former reach draft pick, Ted Ginn, to the 49ers.  With the WR addressed you can be certain that the Dolphins are going to be going defense early and often. Well, not in the second round because they picked Marshall there.

The Fins could still go Inside Linebacker if Rolando McClain is still available, which he isn’t right now. There are also needs for a Outside Linebacker to rush the passer, a Safety, and a Nose Tackle. Jason Ferguson is suspended for the first eight games of the season and is not getting any younger. Dan Williams is the top prospect as a true NT in this draft by far.

Even though we had Williams penciled in it is hard not to go with a pass rushing OLB here. There are so many to choose from in the first round.Sergio Kindle in a last minute switch to regain his position as the Dolphins top pick.

During this process we have had Sergio Kindle, Derrick Morgan, and Brandon Graham land here to rush the passer. Rolando McClain, Earl Thomas, and Dez Bryant (first two mocks) made stops here as well. It is really a tough position to pick with so many options at need positions. This is a good thing for Miami and it’s fans.


Joe Haden, CB, Florida

There is one certain objective for the Niners in this draft. Obtain an Offensive Tackle to play on the right side opposite Joe Staley. They have had to sit and watch as the top four have already came off the board. There is a good chance that Anthony Davis may fall here to them, but if he does it is likely because teams are viewing him as too much of a risk. Let’s look at some other options for now…

Some think that Jimmy Clausen will not fall past the Niners. It appears they are ready to keep going with Alex Smith and they have added David Carr. If they add Clausen that would be three first round picks on the roster at the position. Thoughts on the Niners fans?

Early on we had Earl Thomas at this pick. He would bring a play making ability to the Safety position that is needed. He very well could be the pick here. In a pinch he can slide in and play some corner as well.

If Joe Haden falls here he would be hard to pass up. His Combine improves from 4.57 seconds to a 4.45 over the process. It’s hard for some people to shake that first time. There are a couple of things that are for sure…Joe Haden will be a first round pick and is the best CB prospect.

Anthony Davis lived here during the last six updates. Trent Williams stopped by as did C.J. Spiller and Earl Thomas.


Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

(From Denver)Up top there we covered some of the things going on with Seattle. They got their Tackle, now what? They could take Jimmy Clausen here. That would actually be a pretty easy guess had they not pulled that Whitehurst thing.

Seattle was active trying to land Aaron Kampman in free agency. Having the best Defensive End prospect still on the board would have to be appealing.

Morgan has occupied this spot for most of the offseason. Jimmy Clausen lived here for a few mocks before the Whitehurst trade. C. J. Spiller has spent some time here as well.


Sean Weatherpoon, LB, Missouri

The Giants are a team that don’t often have glaring needs. They do a pretty good job at having players waiting in the wings to take over or bring someone in, as they did with Antrel Rolle at Safety. After the release of Antonio Pierce though there is a glaring need this year for the Giants.

Ideally for the Giants Rolando McClain would fall, they plug him in, done. Well, he is gone. The stock of Missouri Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon has been taking off and some feel he is actually a better fit for the Giants defense than McClain. One thing he doesn’t have going for him is it is said he runs his mouth a lot and although that isn’t usually a deal breaker many teams would rather not have it.

Other needs fall on both lines. If this mock draft is done again before the draft we could easily plug in Jason Pierre-Paul at defensive end here or a young sud on the offensive line like Mike Iupati. If Dan Williams fell he could even be taken here. We even toyed with the idea of C.J. Spiller a couple of mocks ago.

Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Rolando McClain and C. J. Spiller have joined Weatherpoon in this spot over the coarse of the mock this offseason.


Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, S. Florida

The Titans used to be known for Defense. They have needs at all three levels of the D. In a division that houses the Colts and Texans, Cornerback has to be addressed in this draft as well as pass rush as Kyle VandenBosch has moved on. Outside Linebacker needs to be addressed as well. They are still searching for their WR. That is a lot to  chew on without having a second round pick.

The Titans pick has changed little over this offseason. Pierre-Paul has occupied the spot for eleven of our updates. Derrick Morgan and Carlos Dunlap have also spent some time here.

Although Defensive End has dominated this pick, if we were to continue doing them we would start looking at CB more. If Joe Haden fell the Titans would have to look at him. They may even have to consider Kyle Wilson.

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