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Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
(From Carolina) The Niners need help on the line ASAP. Iupati can step in at Guard right away and it is widely believed he could make an easy move over to the Right Tackle spot. He is one of the best left on the board and may be the last chance the Niners get in this draft to get someone who can play RT in 2010.

Maurkice Pouncey,C/G, Florida
All the talk is about the Steelers returning to the running force that they have been in years past. With that the start should be in the interior line and Pouncey’s stock is rising fast. With Santonio Holmes being traded off some may think WR here but it is too soon and can be addressed in later rounds.

Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
Like Derrick Morgan earlier, Graham has been pretty much left out of the Defensive End talk because he is looked at as the premier OLB for a 3-4 defense. His height keeps him from some 3-4 systems, causing him to fall to the pass rush needing Falcons. Graham is a better value than reaching for Everson Griffen here. Sean Weatherspoon is on the top of the wish list after Derrick Morgan, but he is long gone.

Earl Thomas, FS, Texas
The Texans are a team that could move in a number of directions on both sides of the ball.Running Back looks good here as we have mocked previously with Ryan Mathews. Losing Dunta Robinson hurts the secondary and CB would be an easy pick here with the talent available. Adding Thomas gives them a ball hawk back there to help in the two games a year that they hope to take from the Colts on their way to a division title.

Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.
There is still a call for bringing weapons to Carson Palmer. The off the field issues have tarnished Bryant’s stock, but not enough for the Bengals to pass. Over time we have watched the Bengals take in the players that others cast off with character issues. They get a sweet value by doing it here once again and we can consider Carson Palmer to be cocked and loaded.

Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU
For weeks we have had Brandon Graham here, then we had Jared Odrick at DE. Noting that the Pats can easily pick up a DE in the second round, we look at the top 3-4 pass rusher on the board. Jerry Hughes fits that bill and will be chasing QBs in the AFC East. Two other interesting prospects here if the Pats decide to go offense are Jermaine Gresham and Dez Bryant, if he fell past the Bengals.

Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.
The Packers have put a band-aid on the OT position. It can still be addressed here if they don’t feel like they are reaching. A team that usually looks at the best available player lands the best CB left on the board. The Packers have to start thinking about getting younger at the cornerback position and Wilson is a huge value.

Taylor Mays, S, USC
The Eagles are one of the tougher teams to pick. They can use some help at DE, LB, and in the secondary. With the trading of Donovan McNabb to Washington the Eagles are going to be able to clear up a lot of needs. In previous mocks we ahve seen that if the Eagles wait on Defensive End there is not many good matches at the value of the picks they have later. Taylor Mays may be hard to pass up here although some say he won’t fit.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
The Ravens have made a splash by grabbing Anquan Boldin away from the Cardinals. We feel they can get Flacco even more help by going after Jermaine Gresham here, like we had in the previous mocks before going CB. CB is deep and they can find help in the next rounds and feel comfortable that they got Flacco even more help in the first.

#26 Dan Campbell, NT, Tennessee
The Cardinals have found themselves with some needs on both sides of the ball. Dan Campbell has found himself all over the first round during this process. It’s not a question of him, it’s a question of who pulls the trigger on the top Nose Tackle in the draft. He is perfect for te 3-4, but would make a fantastic addition inside for a 4-3 team as well.

#27 Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana

The Cowboys really need help at Offensive Tackle and Safety. Letting Flozell Adams go before the draft is still a head scratcher. They may believe they already have his successor on the roster. Saffold’s stock is soaring. It would do the Cowboys a favor if they don’t have to decide on Taylor Mays, who many think is the next Roy Williams.

Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno St.
Last mock we had the Chargers make a reach for Mt. Cody at Nose Tackle. That was because Mathews was already off the board. The Chargers could certainly grab another RB in this draft later on but they may not find one this NFL ready.

Jared Odrick, DE, Penn St.
Odrick spent the early days of the mock draft here before moving up. While he was gone we had the Jets addressing the WR position. Well…Odrick is back on the board at this pick and the trade for Santonio Holmes enables the Jets to look at the defensive side of the ball again.

Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
The Vikings can find themselves going in a number of directions depending on who falls to them. They need to get younger at DT, could use a Middle Linebacker, need to get younger/healthy at Corner and the interior Offensive Line. This is becoming the popular place to put Tim Tebow in the first round. We won’t do that just to get him into the first round. McCourty adds depth to an aging defensive secondary.

Everson Griffen, DE, USC
After re-signing Gary Brackett the Colts took care of what was going to be a huge hole on the defense. The Colts needs are mostly depth. The Colts O-Line is going to be getting an overhaul after the Super Bowl performance, but the value of Griffen is hard to pass up. He would make a fantastic addition to the rotation and the future at the end spot.

Brian Price, DT, UCLA
Sean Weatherspoon is the best fit here but is finally rising up the boards. The Saints will likely go with the best player to fall that can make an immediate impact. In this mock that makes Brian Price. DT was a position that the Saints could have used some stability at on the Super Bowl run. The addition of Alex Brown holds off the need to reach for a DE.

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