HEY! Where is all the fantasy football stuff?

So did you make your way to Football Jabber from a Fantasy Football link? Sorry about that. Still trying to see if we can recover the old Database that may or may not have been lost when moving servers. Please book mark us or subscribe via RSS and stop back. Hopefully we can get the previous two years of tips and advice back. Otherwise, there is always another season coming up, right?

If you play Dynasty keep up with the upcoming rookie class at NFL Draft Today.

If Saints Won Earlier the World Would Be No More

Before ya’ll start shooting your monitor you are reading this on, I am a Saints fan. An embarrassed Saints fan. This video is evidence that if the Saints would have ever been a franchise that won on a consistent basis, the world would have came to an end by now. Not because of planets colliding [...]

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Fantasy Football Mock Drafts | Why and Where to do them

The Fantasy Football Mock Draft. There was once a time when the only place you would really see them was in print, on paper, in a annual fantasy football magazine. It was nice to see where the staff that these magazines appointed experts would take players in a draft. A fly on a wall in [...]

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Setting Up Fantasy Football League with Defensive Players

Fantasy Football with Individual Defensive Players (IDP) is on the rise.  Some of the traditional fantasy footballers do not want to make the jump. Not wanting to make the jump is different than not knowing how to make the jump.  We have found that some Owners and Commissioners would like to make the change and [...]

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Fantasy Football Auction Prep | Free Fantasy Football Tips

The Fantasy Football Auction.  So great they say that you will never want to go back to a fantasy football draft again.  Pure edge of your seat, adrenaline pumping, laugh in the face of your buddy excitement from start to finish.  Everyone has an equal shot at every player on the board.  Your in on [...]

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