Matt Schaub Fantasy Football Jabber

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Houston Texans Quarterback, Matt Schuab, was one of the most sought after backup Quarterbacks for three seasons when he was in Atlanta. Houston paid up and brought Schaub to town in 2007, but were not seeing much return on their investment for his first two seasons. Finally, in 2009 [...]

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Quarterback Rankings-ADP Update|Fantasy Football

Image by Getty Images via @daylife We are down to the final three weekends before the start of the NFL Season. Do you still have a fantasy football draft coming up? We have updated out Quarterback Redraft Rankings and have included Average Draft Position (ADP) data. Included are the highest and lowest picks a player [...]

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Updated Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings-ADP

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Preseason football is here and Football Jabber has updated it’s redraft rankings and Average Draft Position for the Quarterbacks. Included with the rankings and ADP are the highest and lowest that the players were taken in more than 1000 Mock Drafts on August 5th at The big mover? [...]

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Fantasy QB Rankings-ADP Update

Image via Wikipedia Fantasy Football Drafts are firing up here in the second half of July. Football Jabber’s Quarterback Redraft Rankings and Average Draft Position have been updated for those looking at drafting soon. The list goes 25 deep, enough for two QBs per team in a 12 team league. The ADP gives some interesting [...]

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