Playing sports is fun. But, there are certain risks of sport that aren’t discussed or understood by many men and women. There are also complications and consequences that can arise from sports that many people never even think about. Within this article we will explore some of the dangers of sport which you should know about.

Head Injuries – One of the most common, but least talked about sporting injuries is that of a head injury. Among athletes, younger athletes are at a greater risk of suffering a sports-related brain injury. Many athletes wear helmets, but it’s necessary that every young athlete understand the advantages of sporting one, the dangers of not wearing one, as well as the consequences of sporting one. Helmets are crucial for many sports, including hockey, ice skating, racing, football, basketball, soccer, track and field, baseball, auto-cross sports, and especially motorcycling and motorcycle racing.

Neck Injuries-neck injuries are very common sports injuries that most people don’t consider. Neck sprains, strains, torn ligaments, tendons, ruptured tendons, and much more can occur during any type of physical activity. The damage can range from minor irritations to life threatening fractures depending on the severity of the injury. Athletes should make certain they warm up and cool down properly, stretch and massage their muscles after exertion, always lift in a forward position, avoid abrupt movements, keep knees bent, prevent direct neck touch with opposing players, track and wear neck braces if necessary.

Hamstring Injuries-hamstring accidents are among the most frequent types of sports injuries. Most athletes do not know the distinction between authentic hamstring strains and common breeds. Anxiety is an inflammation of the muscle tissue. A strain occurs when the muscle becomes inflamed and irritated. Common strains include twisting, pullingbending too far without lifting the leg in the atmosphere. Treatment includes rest, ice, compression, and exercise to improve blood flow to the area and encourage healing.

Accidents to the Ligaments and Muscles of the Lower Back-a major cause of sport injuries that lots of athletes do not consider until it’s too late. The lower back is the next biggest muscle group from the human body and one of the most overutilized. Trainers who perform enormous amount of repetitive motion on their backs will develop lumbar injuries with time. Repetitive movement is a top cause of lumbar injuries and the inability to move the body in a standard motion. In cases like this, the remainder is the only remedy.

Intense Aclillary Muscle Strain-a muscle strain where players are hurt by their body’s response to an inciting event. Here is the most serious injury type and is generally caused by not warming up properly before playing. Many times, young athletes fail to sufficiently warm up prior to their first game. They will play an excess game or two because they did not believe worse after playing on the weekend. The inciting event can be playing a hard game of tennis on the weekend or participating in excess body weight training, which normally exacerbates the issue.

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